Week of January 9, 2021

This week, Scowcroft Center experts discussed how the United States will meet future defense challenges in cooperation with allies and partners. The Eurasia Center convened its experts to contemplate Russia’s endgame in Ukraine, and what might the Kremlin hope to achieve by escalating its invasion? Finally, the Latin America Center explored how Venezuela’s opposition might overcome internal fissures to regain the path toward democratic restoration.

If we can start to share unprocessed sensor data with all of our friends and allies…we bring to the table one thing that our adversaries can’t, diversity.

Gen. james E. Cartwright

Putin is always open about his intentions, but he is never open about his immediate plans.

Oleksandr danyliuk

Mr. Maduro and those who support him inside Venezuela and beyond have done what they can to extinguish Venezuelan democracy. But they’re not going to succeed.

kevin o’reilly

The Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security works to develop sustainable, nonpartisan strategies to address the most important security challenges facing the United States and the world.

The Eurasia Center’s mission is to enhance transatlantic cooperation in promoting stability, democratic values and prosperity in Eurasia, from Eastern Europe and Turkey in the West to the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia in the East.

The Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center broadens understanding of regional transformations and delivers constructive, results-oriented solutions to inform how the public and private sectors can advance hemispheric prosperity.