2024 has already plunged the Western Balkans into a maelstrom of complex developments. Serbia’s post-election protests, the precarious Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, and the Kremlin-aligned Dodik’s paramilitary parade all raise critical questions about the region’s stability.

In this episode of #BalkansDebrief, Ilva Tare, Europe Center’s Nonresident Senior Fellow, welcomes Damir Kapidžić, Political Scientist and Associate Professor at the University of Sarajevo, and a Weatherhead Visiting Scholar at Harvard. Together, they dissect the critical crossroads facing the region as U.S. and EU elections loom on the horizon.

Key questions: How will the new U.S. and EU administrations engage with the Balkans? Can the region still harbor hopes for progress towards EU membership? And how can the newly proposed EU Growth Plan translate from promises into tangible advancements, paving the way towards economic integration?

From unexpected twists in the electoral landscape to the ever-shifting sands of regional politics, this year promises to be a rollercoaster. Tune in to hear Krastev’s insights into the key forces at play and why the Balkans and not only, are poised for a turbulent year. 


#BalkansDebrief is an online interview series presented by the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center and hosted by journalist Ilva Tare. The program offers a fresh look at the Western Balkans and examines the region’s people, culture, challenges, and opportunities.

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