Another end-of-year flare-up in the north of Kosovo was just the latest in a cycle of crisis that repeats itself every time a deadline for normalization is approaching or a new agreement is about to take effect between Kosovo and Serbia.

Nonresident Senior Fellow Ilva Tare interviews Tim Judah, a journalist and author, in this episode of #BalkansDebrief about the role played by the Serbian President and the Prime Minister of Kosovo in reaching a normalization agreement acceptable to both parties. Tim Judah recently wrote an article titled “Will Kosovo war ever end?”, analyzing the cycle of instability and the role of regional leader’s in perpetuating it. 

With the West appearing to pressure Prishtina to implement the Association of Serbian Municipalities, will Kosovar government agreed to the Western demands? What is the likelihood that parties agree to the Franco-German proposal? Beyond the Serbia-Kosovo standoff, what is the biggest challenge that the Western Balkans are currently facing?


#BalkansDebrief is an online interview series presented by the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center and hosted by journalist Ilva Tare. The program offers a fresh look at the Western Balkans and examines the region’s people, culture, challenges, and opportunities.

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