Apr 29, 2024

The double costs of conflict-driven climate change in MENA and beyond

By Ariel Ezrahi

With the ongoing wars, it’s easy to dismiss the notions of climate change cooperation across borders as detached from reality. Unfortunately, the devastating impacts of climate change are not going away

Climate Change & Climate Action Conflict


Apr 25, 2024

The Syrian parliamentary elections are coming up. Should anyone care?

By Vladimir Pran and Maroun Sfeir

The polls will be held again against a backdrop of massive displacement, unresolved conflict, partial occupation, and an intransigent regime.

Conflict Elections


Apr 18, 2024

Jordan took out Iranian munitions over its airspace. Now it has tensions with its people and Iran.

By Aaron Magid

A full-scale Iran-Israel war would likely harm the Hashemite Kingdom, which is squeezed between the two more powerful adversaries.

Conflict Iran


Apr 18, 2024

The KDP is boycotting the upcoming elections. Iraqi Kurdistan may get stuck in an electoral impasse.

By Sarkawt Shamsulddin

As the June election deadline looms, the future of Kurdistan’s political stability hangs in the balance.

Elections Iraq


Apr 12, 2024

Dispatch from Gaza: ‘My son, every night he screams and convulses’

By Arwa Damon

Arwa Damon arrived in the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian mission for her charity, INARA, two days after the Israeli airstrike on the World Central Kitchen convoy. This is what she saw.

Conflict Israel


Apr 10, 2024

A diplomatic solution in Sudan demands greater US engagement with its Arab allies

By Manal Fatima

Halting external support to the generals is crucial to achieving peace in Sudan and setting it on the path to civilian-led rule. 

Africa Conflict


Mar 30, 2024

As long as Sisi continues his policies, the Egyptian economy will drown 

By Shahira Amin

While the funding secured in recent weeks will help ease the economic crisis and stabilize Egypt in the short term, skeptics fear it may only offer a temporary respite.

Economy & Business Middle East


Mar 29, 2024

No, Putin, the ISIS-K attack in Moscow wasn’t about Ukraine

By Mark N. Katz

This attack by ISIS-K may have been motivated by several grievances, including retaliation for the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Europe & Eurasia Middle East


Mar 20, 2024

Tony Pfaff: The ethics of proxy relationships applies to everyone

By Holly Dagres

The academic and former US government official was interviewed by our MENASource editor to discuss his most recent book and its implications for US foreign policy.

Defense Policy Iran


Mar 15, 2024

Turkey and Egypt bury the hatchet, marking an end to emerging third axis in the Middle East

By Borzou Daragahi

The carefully choreographed and worded meeting between Erdogan and his Egyptian counterpart, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi, served as a final burial ceremony for what was once an emerging third axis in the Middle East.

Conflict Crisis Management