Are Russia and China becoming allies? Rhetoric from Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping has convinced a growing number of analysts that formal ties are the next logical step in the bilateral relationship. Leaders in Moscow and Beijing tout significant progress in the diplomatic and military realms on the international stage and appear opposed to American hegemony.

But there are other factors constraining a deeper Russia-China partnership. Western sanctions on Russia have discouraged a globally integrated China from strengthening economic ties with Moscow. Business relations and technological cooperation have proven difficult, while sociocultural linkages remain weak.

Just how strong is the Russia-China relationship? What can the nature of relations between Moscow and Beijing tell us about the economic and geopolitical trajectories of each country?

A new report by Dr. Harley Balzer contrasts the growing relationship between Putin and Xi with the limits of Sino-Russian cooperation at the societal level. This event features Dr. Balzer, as well as Ambassador Daniel Fried, Weiser Family Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council, Dr. David Shullman, senior director of the Atlantic Council’s Global China Hub, and Dr. Elizabeth Wishnick, professor of political science at Montclair State University. Ambassador John Herbst, senior director of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, moderates.

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