The first Equitable AI Community of Practice (CoP) will take place from 10-11am EST on Wednesday, May 31st.

This virtual workshop will explore the integration of gender equity into practical and scalable applications of AI focused on international development (ID) and humanitarian assistance. The session will feature a presentation on equitable AI by USAID Gender & AI Fellow Genevieve Smith, and multiple flash presentations from organizations working to advance equitable AI that will describe challenges and solutions to developing and deploying equitable AI in international development applications. Presenters will include the PIT Policy Lab from USAID’s Equitable AI Challenge. The session will include collaborative discussion that builds on issues raised in last month’s Core Working Group session for participants to share opportunities and challenges within the AI – international development community.


Genevieve Smith
Gender & AI Fellow

Kate Gromova
Women in Digital Transformation (WinDT)

Mihir Kulkarni
Associate ML Scientist II & Team Lead
Wadhwani AI

Mike Minkoff
Director of Business Development
Athena Infonomics

Moderated by

Giulia Neaher
Assistant Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

Caroline Thompson
Program Assistant, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

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