The Kremlin’s decade-long war against Ukraine and its full-scale invasion in February 2022 have brought an unimaginable scale of destruction to Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also used the invasion to further his grip on power at home and quell dissent against the war and his regime. The Kremlin continues to violently repress peaceful opposition to the war, has rigged elections in Putin’s favor, and jailed opposition leaders, media figures, and everyday people.

In the face of such danger, many Russian activists, journalists, businesspeople, and skilled workers fled abroad to escape persecution and mobilization into Moscow’s war. Those who remain face increasingly repressive crackdowns and in the long term will see diminished quality of life as opportunities in Russia dwindle and Moscow cements Russia as a global pariah in international markets and institutions.

What effect has the Kremlin’s continued war on Ukraine and broader historical revisionism against the West had on Russian society? What future remains for Russians in Russia – with or without Putin? Please join the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center for a conversation on these issues with distinguished Russians opposed to the policies of the Putin regime.

In conversation with

Elina Ribakova
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Peterson Institute for International Economics

Lyubov Sobol
Russian Opposition Politician

Galina Timchenko
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Mikhail Zygar
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Eurasia Center
Atlantic Council

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