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Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Lithuania’s new government: Women-led coalition wins confidence in difficult times

The new government will be particularly well positioned to lead Lithuania through the COVID-19 pandemic, achieve needed domestic reforms, and navigate the delicate situation in neighboring Belarus.

New Atlanticist by Agnia Grigas

Belarus Elections

Mon, Apr 20, 2020

COVID-19 spells out new era for energy markets

Global energy markets are experiencing historic upheavals most evident by the dramatic drop in oil prices and demand. Yet, there are deeper structural upheavals at play and ones driven by changes over the past decade.

New Atlanticist by Agnia Grigas

Coronavirus Energy Markets & Governance

Wed, May 29, 2019

Lithuania shuns populism with the election of a pro-EU president

Lithuania's presidential election has demonstrated the maturity of its electorate, who were not swayed by populism or extremism.

New Atlanticist by Agnia Grigas

Elections Northern Europe

Dr. Agnia Grigas is a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council working on energy and geopolitical economy. She is the author of three acclaimed books: “The New Geopolitics of Natural Gas” (Harvard University Press, 2017), “Beyond Crimea: The New Russian Empire” (Yale University Press, 2016) and “The Politics of Energy and Memory between the Baltic States and Russia” (Routlege 2013, 2016).

She is an advisory board member for educational institutions and energy companies such as the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs at Occidental College, the Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis, LITGAS, and others. She has testified for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on American LNG exports to Europe.

Agnia has fifteen years of experience in business development and strategic advisory for multinational corporations and US government institutions on growth opportunities and political risks to execute global business development goals. Previously she was an energy and FDI advisor to the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She started her career as a financial analyst at JPMorgan and subsequently advised on emerging markets for Eurasia Group, Barclays Bank, and other Fortune 100 companies.

Dr. Grigas is an in-demand keynote speaker and a frequent media contributor, regularly appearing in WSJ, NYT, CNN, Forbes, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Foreign Affairs.

Agnia holds a master’s and doctorate in International Relations from the University of Oxford and a bachelor of arts in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University. Follow via: @AgniaGrigas &