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EnergySource by Alan Riley

Jul 16, 2021

Gazprom’s folly: In seeking to deliver Nord Stream 2, it may undermine its own access to EU markets

EnergySource by Alan Riley

After six years of debate and controversy over Nord Stream 2, the pipeline is now close to physical completion. Gazprom now wants to ensure that it is not just completed, but that it also receives all EU regulatory clearances rapidly, so the pipeline can be brought online. However, issues regarding compliance with existing EU law, prospective legal challenges, and consequences of Russian geopolitical natural gas power plays may complicate that narrative.

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UkraineAlert by Alan Riley

Jun 10, 2020

Ukraine’s worst move yet

UkraineAlert by Alan Riley

The Ministry of Finance “dismissed” Walter Boltz, the chair of the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator MGU. If that independence is undermined, Gazprom may pull the transit contract and with it the guaranteed fees that Ukraine needs.

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New Atlanticist by Alan Riley

Apr 9, 2020

The compelling incentives for Saudi-Russian rapprochement

New Atlanticist by Alan Riley

The impact of this price war combined with the demand destruction triggered by the impact of the coronavirus are likely to force both Russian and Saudi Arabia back to the negotiating table to agree a deal which will—at least in substance—restore OPEC plus, sooner rather than later.

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Alan Riley is a nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center. He is also a professor at City Law School. City University advises governments, EU institutions, NGOs, and corporations on major strategic problems in relation to abuse of dominance, price-fixing, and merger cases concerning strategic problems in the global and European energy markets.

Additionally, he is an associate senior research fellow of the Institute for Statecraft and is a regular guest columnist on competition and energy law issues with the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Financial Times. Professor Riley is a regular contributor to topical programs in the media, including a recent BBC appearance to discuss the implications of the European Union’s investigation into the Gazprom case.