Ameya Hadap was an assistant director at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, where he focused on nuclear energy policy and the center’s editorial portfolio. Before coming to the Atlantic Council, Hadap worked as a research assistant on a project detailing the personal experiences of migrants coming to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. He has also spent time at the Council on Foreign Relations, where he wrote about Europe for the World101 educational initiative, and at the International Rescue Committee, where he helped refugees find employment and housing. Hadap’s interests include the role of nuclear energy in the energy transition, environmental justice, energy supply chains, and the importance of peaceful nuclear energy in both the non-proliferation and disarmament agendas.

Hadap graduated from Princeton University in 2021 with a bachelor of arts from the School of Public and International Affairs, along with certificates in statistics and machine learning as well as French language and culture. Hadap speaks French, Marathi, and Spanish.