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Tue, Nov 24, 2020

Event recap | Jeff Rowe: AI, gene editing and guaranteeing a stable seed supply

As a part of the GeoTech Center’s AgriTechAction 2020, Mr. Jeff Rowe, President of Global Seeds for Syngenta, was interviewed by Ms. Daniella Taveau, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the GeoTech Center and expert in developing global business and regulatory strategies.

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Climate Change & Climate Action Entrepreneurship

Wed, Nov 4, 2020

Event recap | The global impacts of democratized tech and remote work

This episode of the GeoTech Hour, which takes place every Wednesday from 12:00 – 1:00 pm Eastern, will highlight the democratization of technologies and what it means for entrepreneurs and investors. This discussion addresses how more remote work affects communities, organizations, nations, and the planet and identifies the action steps to ensure these two trends are forces for good in the world.

Event Recap by GeoTech Center

Digital Policy Entrepreneurship

Wed, Jul 15, 2020

Dr. David Bray: Can people, data, and technology help build a shock-resistant planet?

The WebIT Virtual Thought Summit recently brought together a number of GeoTech experts, including GeoTech Commissioner Dr. Vint Cerf, and GeoTech fellows Daniella Taveau and Dr. Divya Chander, for a panel discussion co-moderated by Dr. David Bray, Director of the GeoTech Center. These leading experts provided their own perspectives on how the world, in responding to COVID-19, might consider certain technologically enabled solutions to predict and protect against future crises. Importantly, the panel pointed out how these technologies must be intentionally designed with people’s needs at the center, lest open societies see well-intentioned innovation evolve into tools for a surveillance state.

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Cybersecurity Digital Policy

Daniella Taveau is a Regulatory and Global Trade Strategist and the founder of Bold Text Strategies. Ms. Taveau is an internationally recognized expert in developing global business and regulatory strategies. She has extensive experience working with senior political officials and advises multinational corporations in six continents in the areas of international trade, finance, agriculture, food safety, chemicals, pesticides, new technologies, cosmetics and personal care, intergovernmental organizations, and information technology.  

Prior to starting her own firm, Daniella was a Strategist for the Law Firm of King & Spalding and was an International Trade Negotiator with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where she represented the United States at the World Trade Organization (WTO); all U.S. Free Trade Agreements including the Transpacific Partnership, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (U.S./E.U. FTA), and the U.S. Korea Free Trade Agreement; the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (U.N. FAO); and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Ms. Taveau also served as an International Policy Analyst with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and as an executive for a global cosmetics company for ten years. 

A classically trained and accomplished opera singer and pianist and fluent in six languages, Daniella is the Chief Operating Officer of Embassy Series, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering international understanding through musical diplomacy. In addition to a degree in business administration, Daniella has done extensive post-graduate work in the sciences and holds an MBA from the Robert H. Smith Executive School of Business where she is an Executive in Residence.