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Fri, Nov 20, 2020

The necessity of adaptability and resilience in the decade ahead: GeoTech Center Fellows at STAR-TIDES 2020

The General Session panel featuring GeoTech experts focused Star-Tides' mission toward the specific theme of cross-cutting efforts, using technology to connect resources from across the various silos of the public and private sector. Addressing questions of how to empower people and communities to be resilient against the changes that Friedman highlighted, panelists offered the idea of complex adaptive coalitions, an effort to build those "ecosystem relationships" Friedman referred to. Panelists highlighted themes of digital governance and identity, as well as distributed data ownership, among other innovative ideas to redesign our society in the face of accelerating changes.

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Thu, Sep 17, 2020

Event recap | Data salon episode 4: Data science and social entrepreneurship

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, the GeoTech Center hosted the fourth episode of the Data Salon Series in partnership with Accenture. The panel featured Ms. Valeria Budinich, Scholar-in-Residence at the Legatum Center in MIT's Sloan School of Management; Mr. Derry Goberdhansingh, CEO of Harper Paige, and Mr. Bevon Moore, CEO of Elevate U.

Event Recap by Henry Westerman

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Wed, Jul 29, 2020

Event recap | Data salon episode 3: Coordinating data privacy and the public interest

On Wednesday, July 30, the GeoTech Center hosted the third episode of the Data Salon series in partnership with Accenture. The virtual event hosted by Dr. Divya Chander, Chair of Neuroscience at Singularity University, and Ms. Krista Pawley, Principal and Culture and Reputation Architect at Imperative Impact, in conversation with audience members from across the data and innovation space.

Event Recap by Henry Westerman

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Systems change. The rapid expansion of technology. Digital ID for everyone. Governance models in the digital age. Building an inclusive digital economy. Krista Pawley convenes the conversations that matter for communities across Canada and around the world.

A communications professional with more than twenty years of experience and a background that has taken her across sectors, industries, and timezones, Krista Pawley brings together diverse stakeholders in conversation and collaboration toward a better future. Krista has worked with global corporations including the Government of Canada, Scotiabank, The MasterCard Foundation, and Aimia, among others. Now she designs experiences and reputation strategies for industry leaders to understand, prepare, and shape a more sustainable future.

Krista brings an informed perspective to every project she approaches, building and leading teams to support cross-sector communities interested in making an impact. Krista’s current and past clients include Catalytic Governance, CPA Canada, Ashoka Canada, TD Bank, ATB, Deloitte, IdentityNORTH, and the DIACC. Krista also sits on the advisory boards for Equitas, Impact 2030 Canada, and the Future Cities Summit.