Leslie Hayward is director of business and content development for Rapidan Energy Group, a research and consulting firm that provides oil market analysis to leading hedge funds, banks, traders, producers, and other market participants. In this role, Leslie drives Rapidan’s growth strategy and guides content development to ensure the team’s expertise delivers the maximum value to their client base. Prior to joining Rapidan, Leslie served as Vice President of Content and Communications Strategy at Securing America’s Future Energy (SAFE).

During her tenure, Leslie contributed to the organization’s policy analysis, donor relations, legislative efforts, and digital and earned media strategy. She launched and served as managing editor of SAFE’s independent news and analysis platform, The Fuse, and led the group’s communications team. In addition to knowledge of oil markets and energy geopolitics Leslie’s areas of expertise include electric and autonomous vehicle technology and transportation policy. Leslie received a BS from Tufts University with a double major in International Relations and Environmental Science. Her undergraduate work included a Senior Honors Thesis quantifying the impact of the oil industry and environmental interest lobbying on cap and trade policy, for which she received Tufts’ highest honors.