From sick care to wellbeing, Dr. Marcus Ranney’s career journey over the past two decades have led him from the patient’s bedside to a wider stage as he now creates global impact via systemic change.

He has completed a Bachelors of Science and Medical degrees from University College Medical School, conducted field research across the planet from the sides of Everest to the European Alps, and has served as a medical officer in the Royal Air Force and at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

After practicing clinical medicine in London in 2010, he made the transition to Mumbai where he has worked within the healthcare and life-sciences as an advisor and investor with a range of MNC and national bellwether firms. Marcus currently serves as General Manager of Thrive Global in India, a U.S. based behaviour change technology and media company founded by Arianna Huffington in 2016. 

A published author, keynote speaker and public health commentator, he has been a World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper and more recently appointed as a Senior Fellow to the Atlantic Council, working on a project exploring the relationships between the climate crisis and global health. A champion of wellbeing, Marcus is a big believer that sustainably improving the lives of billions of people the world over can only be brought about by enhancing the positive aspects of health rather than focusing solely on pathogenesis and disease.

Marcus is a keen athlete and long distance marathon runner, holds a Guinness World Record for backwards running and thoroughly enjoys being a father to his two young children.