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Aug 9, 2021

An interview with Afghanistan human rights defender Horia Mosadiq

By South Asia Center

Afghanistan human rights defender Horia Mosadiq provides an analysis of the current situation for human rights defenders and other civil society actors on the ground.

Afghanistan Human Rights


Aug 3, 2021

On the frontline: Protecting Afghanistan’s human rights defenders

By Atlantic Council

Despite being on the receiving end of threats, harassment, intimidation, violence, and assassinations, Afghanistan's human rights defenders continue to fight for the rights of Afghans. Join the Atlantic Council's South Asia Center for a discussion with some of Afghanistan’s leading human rights defenders and experts to explore what lies ahead for the activists who put their lives on the line to fight violence, impunity, and militancy.

Afghanistan Civil Society


Jun 30, 2021

Letter in support of the Afghan people by friends of Afghanistan: As US and NATO forces withdraw, we must not abandon the Afghan people and their democratic republic

This is an open letter organized by a coalition of Afghan women and friends of Afghanistan. The Afghan Women’s Network together with a larger coalition of Our Voices - Our Future and Together Stronger work to achieve peace and demand an end to the conflict and an equal representation of women across fields in Afghanistan. We believe in inclusive, just, practical, and sustainable peace in which women are equal citizens of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Human Rights

Sahar Halaimzai is a nonresident senior fellow at the South Asia Center as well as an Afghan-British rights advocate, writer and human rights campaigner. She has advocated for Uyghur rights in China, for free expression in Turkey; the inclusion of young people in the creative industries; the representation of diverse communities in the arts, and for the rights of writers and journalists at risk across the globe. Her experience includes seven years as the Global Head of Campaigns and Communications for the worldwide literary organisation, PEN International. From coordinating the delivery of food, blankets and other essentials to refugees in Calais and Greece, to organising global protests for the imprisoned writer and filmmaker Oleg Sentsov outside the Russian embassy in London, Sahar’s work has focused on bringing the voices of marginalised and silenced individuals and communities to centre stage. In 2018, she received the inaugural London Writers Award and is now working on her first book.

In 2019 she co-founded and today leads the Afghan campaign, Time4RealPeace, to counteract the exclusion of Afghan women, civil society and minorities from peace negotiations including talks between the US government and the Taliban and intra-Afghan talks. The core of the groups mission, which is made of a coalition of activist and rights groups from Afghanistan and the diaspora, is to capacity-build, provide a platform and amplify the voice of Afghans in a process that is likely to change the trajectory of their country, and ultimately their lives.

Over the last year, the campaign has been building a diverse, global coalition to support a meaningful and proper peace process, that at its centre includes women, victims, minorities and civil society. We have strengthened and grown our work to include leading and grassroots civils society and rights groups across Afghanistan, within diaspora communities, politicians, diplomats and policy makers across Europe and high-profile supporters.