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Sun, Aug 15, 2021

Haiti needs the world’s help. Now.

The world must learn from the mistakes of the past: funding failing to reach Haiti, subpar coordination with the Haitian people, and a relief effort that generated dependence on the international relief community.

New Atlanticist by Jason Marczak, Wazim Mowla

Caribbean Democratic Transitions

Wed, Aug 11, 2021

Cuba’s protests have ebbed. But the forces that fueled them are as powerful as ever.

The street protests have calmed down, at least for now, but this is still a perilous moment for the island—with the Cuban people in need of continued backing.

New Atlanticist by Jason Marczak, Wazim Mowla

Caribbean Cuba

Wed, Jul 7, 2021

FAST THINKING: Why the Moïse assassination is Haiti’s worst-case scenario

The murder leaves a power vacuum atop a country battling rampant crime and COVID-19—with no obvious succession plan in place. What’s going on in Haiti and how will it reverberate across the region?

Fast Thinking by Atlantic Council

Caribbean Coronavirus

Wazim Mowla is the assistant director for the Caribbean Initiative at the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center, where he works on the Caribbean and China portfolios. Mowla holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and a master’s degree in history from Florida International University, where he is currently a nonresident scholar for the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy. He is also a master’s candidate at American University’s School of International Service and is honored to have interned for Sir Ronald Sanders of Antigua and Barbuda and Ambassador Riyad Insanally of Guyana. Mowla also provides frequent commentary for US and Caribbean media outlets.