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Report December 8, 2023

Prospects for cooperation in energy transition for a sustainable future: GCC, Turkey, and regional perspectives

By Atlantic Council IN TURKEY & TRENDS Research and Advisory


The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Turkey share mutual challenges posed by climate change while, at the same time, possessing important synergies in the energy sector that deserve further exploration from policymakers and the private sector.

With the shared goals of reducing carbon emissions, ensuring energy security, and stimulating economic growth in perspective, TRENDS Research & Advisory and the Atlantic Council in Turkey are proud to present our joint publication on Prospects for Cooperation in Energy Transition for a Sustainable Future: GCC, Turkey, and Regional Perspectives. We hope this publication will contribute to the important discussion of the need for international and regional cooperation to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and address climate change. Our joint publication represents a starting point and roadmap for future cooperation.

Diversifying the energy mix through clean energy enhances energy security for both regions. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, the GCC and Turkey can shield themselves from geopolitical uncertainties and price fluctuations in the global oil and gas markets. By sharing knowledge and best practices, they can accelerate climate adaptation, making the transition more efficient and cost-effective. Collaboration in clean energy projects can also promote regional stability at this critical time of uncertainty by fostering economic ties and mutual interests.

The joint publication explores prospects for partnership between the GCC countries and Turkey to accelerate energy transition and clean-energy deployment. The goal is to diagnose the current state of renewables adoption in Turkey and the GCC, identify potential areas for cooperation in aligning their net-zero emissions targets, and produce a set of policy recommendations to accelerate the transition. The publication underscores the imperative of shared efforts, knowledge exchange, and sustainable initiatives to fortify regional stability and contribute to a resilient, low-carbon future.

May our joint efforts to address the challenges of climate change and foster clean-energy cooperation serve as a testament to the power of regional partnerships in shaping a more secure, resilient, and interconnected world.

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali
CEO, TRENDS Research and Advisory

Defne Arslan
Senior Director, Atlantic Council IN TURKEY & Turkey Programs, Atlantic Council


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Image: Photo by Pedro Henrique Santos on Unsplash