America does not only belong to itself. The world, too, is a stakeholder in America’s fate. And so, these days, the world watches America with worry. On every continent, there are thousands of political and business leaders, like me, who gaze upon the United States with admiring eyes. This is not just because history has made America the leader of the free world. It is because America’s leadership is essential to resolving many crises — from climate change and world hunger to Russia, China and the Middle East. Read Charai’s latest in The Hill on the importance of America’s role as a global leader amid growing domestic turmoil and disorder.

In conversations with diplomats and executives in Europe, Asia and Africa, I hear the same sentiment over and over: America has no right to lose itself in navel-gazing, to let the strife of internal debate divert it from its international respon-sibilities.

Ahmed Charai, 2022

Ahmed Charai is a Moroccan publisher and an Atlantic Council Board Director. He is also an international counselor of the Center for a Strategic and International Studies, a board of trustees member of International Crisis Group, and a member of the Advisory Board of The Center for the National Interest in Washington and Global Board of Advisors at The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security in Jerusalem.