Forward Defense senior military fellows US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Crouch, US Navy Commander Ronald Fairbanks, and US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Mulder published an article in the National Interest titled “Above politics: The US military will always defend the constitution” in response to a letter by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the article, they dispel the American public’s doubt of the military’s support for the presidential transition of power, instead asserting that the military is trained to prioritize the Constitution and the American people above individual beliefs. While the US military includes diverse views across the spectrum of political beliefs, all service members share a commitment to the nation and its laws.

One institution can’t do it all, but if we collectively do our part, the United States will continue to be a shining light of democracy. No one but We, the people, can take that away.

US Navy CDR Ronald Fairbanks, US Marine Corps LtCol Matthew Crouch, & US Air Force Lt Col Christopher Mulder

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