On October 8, The Japan Times quoted a recent New Atlanticist analysis on North Korean strategic weaponry development coauthored by Markus Garlauskas, the former US National Intelligence Officer for North Korea and nonresident senior fellow with the Asia Security Initiative. The quoted analysis warns that the threat coming from North Korea is increasing not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively, as the country appears to upgrade their infrastructure for the upcoming parade.

“North Korea appears to be preparing infrastructure to parade larger, heavier systems, and to display many more launchers than in previous years — indicating not just a qualitative increase in the threat, but also a quantitative one,” Bruce Perry, a former senior intelligence officer with the U.S. military’s Indo-Pacific Command, and Markus Garlauskas, who served as the U.S. intelligence community’s top expert on North Korea, wrote in an analysis on the Atlantic Council website last week.

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