On March 1, Kelly Grieco was quoted in a Vice article on what a no-fly zone is and what and what an attempt to implement one would mean in Ukraine.

“It’s…debatable whether a no-fly zone would actually work in Ukraine. ​​Kelly Grieco, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, tweeted Monday that not only would establishing a no-fly zone be a ‘recipe for escalation,’ it would also be ‘unlikely to be effective.’

“This is due, Grieco said, to logistics involved in even setting up the no-fly zone to begin with and Russia’s own military capabilities. 

“‘Would [a no-fly zone] be effective?  Would it change the balance of power on the ground? It is doubtful,’ Grieco tweeted. ‘Russia relies heavily on artillery and ground-based fires, not air-delivered fires.'”

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