On December 20, The Hill published a joint op-ed by Scowcroft Center director for democratic order Ash Jain and executive director of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation Jonas Parello-Plesner.

In the piece, they argued for the establishment of an Alliance of Democracies to bring together the United States, its allies in Europe and the Indo-Pacific, and other leading democracies to strengthen cooperation against shared threats such as autocratic coercion, democratic backsliding, and disruptive emerging technologies.

The [Biden] administration has rightly framed the current era as a historic inflection point between autocracy and democracy. An Alliance of Democracies would provide a signature initiative that is directly responsive to this challenge — one that demonstrates leadership and can help align the democratic world in a common direction for what will likely be a multi-decade era of strategic competition.

Ash Jain

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