On April 17, Atlantic Council Executive Chairman Emeritus James Jones and Transatlantic Security Initiative Nonresident Senior Fellow Stefano Stefanini, along with other experts, co-authored an article for The Guardian arguing for democratic cooperation and unity in providing support to Ukraine.

The co-authors make the case that a Russian victory in Ukraine would be disastrous for the liberal world order, setting a dangerous precedent for territorial conquest by other autocratic regimes, specifically China. To counter Moscow and Beijing, the transatlantic Alliance must back up its rhetoric with decisive action: including issuing continued military aid to Ukraine, forging strong relationships with nations outside of the transatlantic community, increasing NATO defense spending, and more.

Putin launched his full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the erroneous belief that Ukraine would be defeated within a few weeks. More than a year later, Ukraine’s unity and resilience in the face of Russia’s aggression have shown the country’s remarkable strength… To continue its fight for freedom and defeat Putin, however, Ukraine needs more support. Ukraine’s partners have to step up; when freedom is better equipped than tyranny, its victory is assured.

James L. Jones, Jr.

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