On May 10, Christopher Preble was quoted in a New Republic article on the potential consequences of intelligence leaks about US assistance to Ukraine’s military, making the case that US goals in Ukraine may exceed those of Ukraine itself and risk escalation.

“As Chris Preble, (deputy director of) the New American Engagement Initiative at the Atlantic Council, said to me when the conflict began, ‘Biden’s position was the war should end. Now it seems the goal is to weaken Russia, which is definitely a different objective. If our position is to weaken Russia then we’re more in lockstep with Ukraine.’ In fact, said Preble, ‘you could argue that our goals exceed that of Ukraine,’ which would just as soon have the war end as quickly as possible.

“We should, he argues, remain focused on ending the war. ‘The longer it goes on, the more Ukrainians suffer and the greater the likelihood of escalation.’”

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