Anna Wieslander spoke on the opening panel at the first-ever Helsinki Security Forum. She spoke on lessons learned since the full-scale war in Ukraine began. First was that “Ukraine is part of Europe” and needs to be a part of the European community. There needed to be further rounds of EU enlargement to other contested spaces, such as in the Baltics, to ensure European peace, prosperity, and security. Secondly was the indispensable role of the United States for European security, as evidenced by US military and humanitarian support to Ukraine. NATO is the framework within which European security will be ensured, not the European Union. Finally, that unity is the ultimate strength of the West.

Speakers Included Antti Kaikkonen, Minister of Defence of Finland; Pavlo Klimkin, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine; Andrew Michta, Dean, College of International and Security Studies, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.

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