Fast Thinking

Nov 28, 2022

Is China facing another Tiananmen moment?

By Atlantic Council

Our experts break down how far China's anti-lockdown protest movement could go, what kind of threat it poses to Xi’s government, and what the world should expect next.

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Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Oct 30, 2022

Aviso LatAm: October 30, 2022

57 percent of the English and Dutch-speaking Caribbean are food insecure

Brazil Caribbean

Issue Brief

Oct 7, 2022

What Xi Jinping’s third term means for the world

By Michael Schuman

It has been widely believed for some time, both inside and outside of China, that current Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping will break with modern precedent and extend his reign into a third, five-year term. Xi, who also serves as the country’s president, has been working toward this outcome for years.

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Oct 7, 2022

How Niger’s safety net helps its most vulnerable citizens thrive amid crises

By Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou and Mamta Murthi

The World Bank's Wadata Talaka safety-net partnership program with Niger aims to empower women in the country and protect its human-capital gains in the face of overlapping shocks.

Africa Climate Change & Climate Action

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Oct 1, 2022

Aviso LatAm: October 1, 2022

57 percent of the English and Dutch-speaking Caribbean are food insecure

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In the News

Sep 23, 2022

Roberts Reviews China Books

On September 22, IPSI Senior Fellow Dexter Tiff Roberts published, “At stake in the U.S.-China rivalry: The shape of the global political order,” in The Washington Post. This is a book review of three China books: Revolution and Dictatorship: The Violent Origins of Durable Authoritarianism, by Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way; Xi Jinping: The Most […]

China Civil Society

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Sep 17, 2022

Aviso LatAm: September 17, 2022

US and Mexico convene second high-level economic dialogue

Coronavirus Latin America

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Sep 3, 2022

Aviso LatAm: September 3, 2022

LAC's economy is expected to growth 2.7 percent in 2022

Coronavirus Latin America

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Aug 23, 2022

Aviso LatAm: August 23, 2022

World Bank deploys $20.7 billion to support LAC

Coronavirus Latin America

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Aug 6, 2022

Aviso LatAm: August 6, 2022

Mexico to spend $28 billion in programs and subsidies to tame inflation

Coronavirus Latin America