Aug 8, 2022

Putin has forced Ukrainians to view Russian culture as a weapon of war

By Kate Tsurkan

Efforts to reduce Russia's cultural footprint in Ukraine have sparked criticism but in reality it is Putin who has weaponized Russian culture and forced Ukrainians to view the likes of Pushkin and Dostoevsky as tools of empire.

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Two men look at the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson, Ukraine, July 27, 2022. It has been damaged by Ukrainian attacks but not destroyed. (Source: REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

New Atlanticist

Jul 29, 2022

Russian War Report: Russia minimizes Ukrainian damage of strategic bridge in Kherson

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Russian downplays damage done by Ukrainian forces to a strategic bridge in Kherson while planning to annex occupied parts of Ukraine.

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Jul 28, 2022

Vogue diplomacy: First Lady Olena Zelenska is Ukraine’s secret weapon

By Peter Dickinson

Ukraine's First Lady Olena Zelenska has recently sparked debate by posing for a Vogue photo shoot with celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz that some slammed as frivolous but others praised as a soft power masterstroke.

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Jul 27, 2022

Ukraine’s tech excellence is playing a vital role in the war against Russia

By Valeriya Ionan

Ukraine's tech sector excellence is playing a key role in the war against Russia by providing rapid solutions to frontline challenges in ways that the more traditional top-down Russian military simply cannot match. 

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Jul 3, 2022

Investing in Ukraine’s brains is vital for the country’s post-war prosperity

By Gerson S. Sher

International support for the development of Ukraine's education and tech sectors could hold the key to a strong and sovereign Ukrainian state once the current war with Putin's Russia is over, writes Gerson S. Sher.

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The 5×5

Jun 29, 2022

The 5×5—Cybercrime and national security

By Simon Handler, Liv Rowley

Five experts weigh in on emerging trends in cybercrime and their impacts on national security. 

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In the News

Jun 21, 2022

Roberts quoted in the Financial Times on Elon Musk’s Starlink as it relates to China

On June 20, Dexter Tiff Roberts was quoted in an article, “Elon Musk’s Starlink aid to Ukraine triggers scrutiny in China over US military links,” in the Financial Times. In this article, Roberts argues that China will begin imposing restrictions on foreign companies as a consequence of the threat that Starlink is posing to Beijing.   […]

China Internet

In the News

Jun 16, 2022

White in CyberScoop on Russia and information operations

By Atlantic Council

"TJ" White was quoted in CyberScoop saying that the Russian focus on information operations has been unyielding. White, however, argued that Russian information war objectives have been thwarted to a large degree by Starlink satellite internet and by the fact that many Ukrainians have virtual private networks.

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Jun 15, 2022

Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine invasion is the world’s first full-scale cyberwar

By Yurii Shchyhol

The current Russo-Ukrainian War is a major milestone in our developing understanding of cyber security. It is now clear that the invasion unleashed by Vladimir Putin on February 24 is the world’s first full-scale cyberwar.

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New Atlanticist

Jun 8, 2022

Don’t let digital authoritarians lead the way in connecting the world

By Jochai Ben-Avie

The democracies of the world aren't stepping up enough to connect billions of unconnected people. Here's what they can do.

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