Jan 23, 2022

Disarming Putin’s history weapon

By Bohdan Vitvitsky

Ever since 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin has weaponized history as part of his hybrid war against Ukraine and sought to whitewash what is a deeply troubling Russian record of atrocity and oppression.

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Dec 21, 2021

A Russian invasion of Ukraine could be Vladimir Putin’s downfall

By Taras Kuzio

Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently threatening to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine but his plans do not appear to enjoy widespread support among the Russian public and could destabilize the regime.

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Britain Debrief

Nov 16, 2021

#BritainDebrief – Britain, Russia and the Strongmen: A debrief from Dr. Fiona Hill

By Ben Judah

On this episode of #BritainDebrief, Brookings Institution's Fiona Hill discusses Britain, populism, and the threat of war from Russia.

Corruption Democratic Transitions

Britain Debrief

Nov 15, 2021

#BritainDebrief – What happens to Northern Ireland with Article 16? A debrief from Matthew O’Toole MLA

By Ben Judah

On this episode of #BritainDebrief, Ben Judah interviews Member of the Northern Irish Assembly for South Belfast Matthew O'Toole to explore the Northern Ireland protocol and its effects.

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Nov 1, 2021

The consequences of a US overreaction to the perceived threat of terrorism

By Christopher Preble

In the twenty years since 9/11, for example, favorable attitudes toward the United States have declined globally, with some of the sharpest declines in key US allies like Germany and the United Kingdom.

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New Atlanticist

Oct 8, 2021

When Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa appeared at the Atlantic Council

Here's what she told the Council about the power of disinformation.

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Sep 7, 2021

Combating domestic extremism means combating the insider threat in law enforcement

By Mary McCord

Dozens of law enforcement officers have been investigated or charged for their participation in events culminating in the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the US Capitol.

National Security Nationalism


Sep 7, 2021

Hyper-tribalism and the US domestic terrorism threat

By Christopher P. Costa

After the January 6, 2021, breach of the US Capitol, the consequences of polarization, disinformation, and hyper-tribalism make domestic political violence the most pressing terrorism challenge facing US counterterrorism.

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In the News

Aug 31, 2021

Varshney was quoted in The Washington Post article: In India, a debate over population control turns explosive

By Atlantic Council

India Nationalism

In the News

Aug 18, 2021

Katz joins the Rick Unger Show Daily Podcast to discuss the possibility of future Islamic revolutions

By Atlantic Council

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