Nov 6, 2021

Ukraine’s anti-oligarch law could make President Zelenskyy too powerful

By David Clark

President Zelenskyy has trumpeted the country's new anti-oligarch law as a meaningful step towards curbing the power of Ukraine's oligarch class, but critics fear it may actually make Zelenskyy himself too powerful.

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Britain Debrief

Jul 28, 2021

#BritainDebrief – A foreign correspondent’s view: US culture war in Britain? A debrief from Yasmeen Serhan

By Ben Judah

On this #BritainDebrief, staff writer for The Atlantic Yasmeen Serhan discusses the impact of domestic US culture wars on Britain.

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Britain Debrief

Jul 23, 2021

#BritainDebrief – A foreign correspondent’s view: Is British democracy at risk? A debrief from Annette Dittert

By Ben Judah

For this #BritainDebrief, journalist Annette Dittert sits down with Ben Judah to explore the healthy of democracy in Britain.

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Britain Debrief

Jul 16, 2021

#BritainDebrief – Britain vs. disinformation: A crisis or an exaggeration? A debrief from David Patrikarakos

By Ben Judah

Journalist and author David Patrikarakos joins #BritainDebrief for a discussion on how disinformation is impacting Britain.

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In the News

Jun 15, 2021

Nooruddin quoted in Wall Street Journal on how Covid-19 has punctured Narendra Modi’s aura

By Atlantic Council

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New Atlanticist

Jun 2, 2021

The gathering threat to the US in Kyrgyzstan

By Lillian Posner

As President Sadyr Japarov takes aim at Kyrgyz and US institutions, the US has not only an opportunity but a responsibility to help with democracy-building and make sure the Kyrgyz people get the message.

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In the News

May 27, 2021

D’Anieri in The National Interest: Kyrgyzstan’s Japarov emulates Putin’s authoritarian model

By Atlantic Council

Central Asia Populism

New Atlanticist

May 5, 2021

The urgent task before the US and EU: To craft democracy that ‘delivers’

By Daniel Malloy

Věra Jourová, vice-president for values and transparency at the European Commission, and US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) joined the Atlantic Council's EU-US Future Forum to discuss how to defend democracy.

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In the News

Mar 19, 2021

Nooruddin in The Hindu: Pulling India’s democracy back from the brink

By Atlantic Council

India Nationalism

In the News

Nov 23, 2020

Manning quoted in The Straits Times: RCEP signing a wake-up call for the US

By Robert A. Manning

On November 23, 2020, Robert Manning was quoted several times in The Straits Times.

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