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Oct 1, 2021

A Digital Asset Bill of Rights

By Michael Greenwald

Even though some may say the UN is not as effective as it was set to be, its soft power continues playing a substantial role in shaping our international community. The US government should take the lead in developing The Digital Asset Bill of Rights for Non-Authoritarian Countries to set internationally the founding principles for understanding the future of modern stores of value and means of exchange.

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The 5×5

Sep 29, 2021

The 5×5—The future of cyber diplomacy

By Simon Handler

We brought together experts with a range of perspectives to discuss cyber diplomacy and what the future of responsible cyber statecraft looks like.

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In the News

Sep 26, 2021

Alam was quoted in Outlook India News article: UN and Afghanistan’s Taliban, figuring out how to interact

By Atlantic Council

Afghanistan Conflict


Sep 24, 2021

Make way for Wakanda: The UN Security Council needs an African seat

By Rama Yade

The Security Council was built on the principle of sovereignty and equality of all nations. Its democratization and reformation are overdue—and must consider Africa.

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Sep 23, 2021

Zelenskyy slams UN inaction over Putin’s Ukraine war

By Peter Dickinson

In a strongly worded address at the UN, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned that failure to confront Russian aggression in Ukraine will have grave consequences for international security.

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Sep 22, 2021

MARKUP: Our experts annotate Biden’s UN General Assembly speech

By Atlantic Council

Our experts explain what his words really mean, how they’ll be received, and what the president didn’t say.

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Fast Thinking

Sep 21, 2021

FAST THINKING: Biden’s UN reality check

By Atlantic Council

President Biden spoke of "relentless diplomacy” at the UN on Tuesday. But can that relentlessness overcome transatlantic strains, not to mention a still-raging pandemic and climate crisis?

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Fast Thinking

Sep 3, 2021

FAST THINKING: Who’s funding the Taliban?

By Julia Friedlander

On this episode of Fast Thinking, the Atlantic Council's Julia Friedlander and Mark Nakhla, the executive vice president of Kharon, dive into the Taliban's funding networks (don't miss the helpful visuals!), which are primarily outside the reach of the international finance system.

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Aug 27, 2021

What Afghanistan’s fall means for the future of NATO and Turkey

By Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Former Turkish Ambassador Alper Coşkun joins the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY to discuss the implications of recent developments in Afghanistan to the NATO alliance and the future of Turkey's foreign policy and engagement with Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Conflict

New Atlanticist

Aug 23, 2021

They aren’t listed, but make no mistake: The UN has sanctions on the Taliban

By Brian O’Toole

As the militant group settles in to rule Afghanistan again, sanctions remain one of the only viable points of leverage for the international community. Here's what the UN's own rules say.

Afghanistan Economic Sanctions