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Press Release September 12, 2022

Ambassador Marcy Grossman, Former Canadian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, joins the Atlantic Council as nonresident senior fellow

By Atlantic Council

Former Canadian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates will contribute to the Council’s work on the Israeli-Arab normalization process and regional conflict resolution initiatives.

Washington, DC—September 12, 2022—The Atlantic Council announced today that Ambassador Marcy Grossman will serve as a nonresident senior fellow with the Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative and N7 Initiative in the Middle East Programs.

A former Canadian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Grossman will play a key role in building on the Atlantic Council’s growing body of work on Israeli-Arab normalization and regional conflict resolution initiatives through a dedicated gender lens.

“Ambassador Grossman brings creativity, skill, and an unparalleled network that will significantly strengthen the Atlantic Council’s work on normalization in the N7 program, including by ensuring the full inclusion of women in all the opportunities that accompany this trend,” said Ambassador Daniel Shapiro, Atlantic Council Distinguished Fellow. “We are fortunate to have this innovative, dynamic, and deeply experienced diplomat join our team.”

Grossman spent over twenty years abroad as a Canadian diplomat and has been on the leading edge of the Abraham Accords and the normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab world, including as an advocate for the role of women in diplomacy and peacebuilding. Prior to being appointed ambassador, she was Canada’s consul general to Dubai and the Northern Emirates.  

Over the span of her career, Grossman has developed an expertise in geopolitical, security, and economic issues impacting North America and the Middle East. She spent fifteen years representing Canada in four distinct regions of the United States, including as consul general in Miami and Denver, and as the senior trade commissioner in Dallas and Los Angeles.  

During her tenure in the United States, she was responsible for a wide range of Canada’s business, political, academic, consular, immigration, and public-safety interests. She also closed several large-scale foreign investment deals in cities across Canada.  

She is an international business development expert and was notably responsible for the creation of Canada’s foreign direct investment agency, Invest in Canada. Grossman joined Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 2001 as a senior trade officer, developing a full spectrum of investment marketing campaigns for Canada, including the publication of the bestselling book Innovation Nation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ambassador Grossman to the Atlantic Council’s Middle East programs. We are excited that the broader public will now have the opportunity to hear and read the Ambassador’s expert insights and analysis, stemming from her extensive diplomatic career,” said Jonathan Panikoff, Director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Middle East Security Initiative.”And we are thrilled that she will continue her distinguished leadership across a variety of spheres at the Atlantic Council—including her renowned efforts to encourage more women to take part in international security and diplomacy.”

Before joining Canada’s foreign service, Grossman held management positions in numerous federal government departments, including Industry Canada, Canada’s School of Public Service, and the Treasury Board. She launched her career in the criminal justice system, and between 1990 and 1998, served in various capacities within Correctional Services Canada. She is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, with a master’s degree in criminal psychology.  

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