Experienced federal science and technology executive will connect government, industry, technology, and academic leaders to ensure new advances are applied to solving global challenges

WASHINGTON, DC—June 23, 2022—The Atlantic Council announced today that former White House science and technology official Lloyd Whitman will become the next senior director of its GeoTech Center, which is dedicated to harnessing the cutting-edge technologies of the future for good.

Whitman joins the GeoTech Center on Monday following a distinguished career working on technology policy and research within the US federal government. The announcement was made at a meeting of the bipartisan GeoTech Commission—a leading body of policymakers and industry leaders established by the Atlantic Council in 2020 to promote the use of “technology for good” among individuals, societies, and the international community.

In announcing the appointment, Atlantic Council President and CEO Frederick Kempe said, “It is essential to work at the intersection of tech and policy to ensure the global community truly benefits from the immense power of new technological advances. Lloyd’s ability to bridge the science, technology, innovation, and federal policy communities is a perfect fit for the GeoTech Center’s mission of developing pragmatic solutions for the public and private sectors.”

Whitman brings to the Atlantic Council extensive experience and broad expertise in science and technology research and development, policy, and strategic planning. He served in senior positions within the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy during both the Obama and Trump administrations, most recently as the Principal Assistant Director for Physical Sciences and Engineering. He has also held leadership roles at the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Standards and Technology and conducted award-winning research and development at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Whitman received MS and PhD degrees in Physics from Cornell University and an ScB in Physics (with honors, cum laude) from Brown University.

“The accelerated development of advanced technologies offers incredible opportunities and profound challenges for the world’s geopolitical, economic, and security landscape,” said Whitman. “The Atlantic Council and its Commission on the Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data have uniquely positioned the Center to equip leaders around the world to navigate this unprecedented period of rapid and often disruptive technological change. I am thrilled to lead the GeoTech Center at this moment in history.”

The Atlantic Council GeoTech Center’s mission is to shape the future of technology and data together to advance people, planet, prosperity, and peace. In May of 2021, the GeoTech Center released a landmark report authored by the GeoTech Commission offering recommendations for the US government and like-minded allies on global technology and data development policy. The GeoTech Center has continued to convene, educate, and advance policy through over 10 programs covering a breadth of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Space.

“Given the accelerating rate at which scientific discoveries are translating into technological advances, the Atlantic Council will greatly benefit from Lloyd’s experience in both research and policy across multiple areas of emerging technology,” said John Goodman, GeoTech Commission Co-Chair and Chief Executive, Accenture Federal Service. “For the U.S. and its partners to remain economically competitive, protect national security, and build a resilient workforce, we must connect the public and private sector in new ways to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies across the federal government so they can deliver greater impact on our nation and society at-large.”

Stephanie Wander, Director of Programs for the GeoTech Center said, “I’m looking forward to working with Lloyd to expand the scale and impact of the work we do at the GeoTech Center. His extensive background in Science and Technology policy will catalyze the center by expanding the expertise we can bring to the table both within our Center and as a resource for others within the Atlantic Council and the broader global policy community.”

The Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center is shaping the future of technology and data together to advance people, planet, prosperity, and peace. The Center serves as an essential bridge between technologists and policymakers to consider the broader societal, economic, and geopolitical implications of new and emerging technologies. Through its high-level convenings and programs like AI Connect—a partnership with the State Department to advance global policy makers’ understanding of Artificial Intelligence—the Center leverages technology to solve global challenges and develop actionable technology policy, partnerships, and programs.

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