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Dec 15, 2022

Road to the tenth North American Leaders’ Summit: Spotlight on competitiveness and supply chains

By María Fernanda Bozmoski, Jacob Kaufhold, and Isabel Chiriboga

North American competitiveness and supply chains are at an inflection point. The three leaders must take the momentum of the last meeting and continue to advance key priorities. In an increasingly complicated global context, close collaboration and partnership on all fronts is key.


Dec 7, 2022

Improving tax policy in Latin America and the Caribbean: A balancing act

By Felipe Larraín B., Pepe Zhang

This publication outlines evidence-based actions to boost tax revenues, reduce deficits, and encourage robust, fair, and equitable economic development.

Americas Economy & Business

Issue Brief

Nov 16, 2022

The future of immunization financing in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Miguel Betancourt-Cravioto and Pepe Zhang

This issue brief outlines outlines recommendations for national immunization programs to promptly recover from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and continue on a path to effectively protect the health and well-being of region’s populations.

Americas Latin America


Sep 27, 2022

The economic impact of a more efficient US-Mexico border: How reducing wait times at land ports of entry would promote commerce, resilience, and job creation

By Alejandro Brugués Rodríguez, John Byrd, Noé Arón Fuentes Flores, David Gaytan, John Gibson, Camila Hernández, Mayra Maldonado, Jason Marczak, Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Cota, Roberto Ransom, and Ignacia Ulloa

Improvements in border management and the adoption of new technologies at the US-Mexico border have the potential to enhance border security and generate economic benefits for the United States and Mexico through expedited flows of goods and people.

Economy & Business Latin America

Issue Brief

Sep 20, 2022

PACC2030: Quick wins for a US-Caribbean partnership on climate and energy resilience

By Wazim Mowla, Riyad Insanally

PACC2030’s success is crucial for CARICOM countries and the United States, and it needs to deliver in the short term to generate confidence that the United States is committed to a sustainable partnership.

Caribbean Economy & Business

Issue Brief

Sep 15, 2022

Democratic institutional strength before and beyond elections: The case of Brazil 

By Valentina Sader

Brazil—Latin America’s largest economy and the fourth-largest democracy in the world—will elect its next president, governors, congress, and state-level assemblies in October 2022. This is one of the most momentous elections in recent years, a result of the inflection point that Brazil faces.

Americas Brazil

Issue Brief

Sep 9, 2022

Unlocking SME potential in Latin America and the Caribbean

By Eva Lardizábal, Pepe Zhang

This publication outlines practical, forward-looking policy recommendations needed for SMEs to fully become engines of socioeconomic prosperity.

Americas Fiscal and Structural Reform

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Jun 1, 2022

Advance democracy, security and rule of law

By Bill Brownfield

Go behind the scenes of the launching of Plan Colombia and explore the balancing act between the “hard side” and “soft side” of the foreign policy community, and how the flexibility of both sides and commitment of US and Colombian government made it a success.

Colombia Latin America
Oil pump at sunset

In-Depth Research & Reports

May 31, 2022

Special investment case study

By Vicki Hollub

When I was asked to become the inaugural chair of the US-Colombia Business Council in 2017, I agreed without hesitation. My work in supporting two different administrations to help broaden and deepen bilateral social and economic ties is rooted in the extensive his- tory of Occidental Petroleum (“Oxy”) in Colombia. Almost forty years have passed […]

Colombia Latin America

In-Depth Research & Reports

May 31, 2022

Partner for sustainable pathways

By Paula Caballero and Sarah Gammage

The United States and Colombia can play a key role in supporting green recovery and nature-positive futures by applying the commitments and frameworks they have pledged to uphold to shift the balance of fossil fuels and renewables in their energy sourcing.

Climate Change & Climate Action Colombia

The Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center broadens understanding of regional transformations and delivers constructive, results-oriented solutions to inform how the public and private sectors can advance hemispheric prosperity.