StrategyInitiative strategy consortium

The purpose of the Atlantic Council’s quarterly Strategy Consortium is to:

  • Create an ecosystem of strategists from diverse sectors (think tanks, academia, government, private sector) who by working together can over time build a body of strategy work and promote strategy development and strategic thinking more generally.
  • Provide an off-the-record forum to support the US government strategy development process, including confidential discussions of key draft US government strategy documents prior to issuance.
  • Provide a forum for the members of the Consortium to exchange views on the methodology of strategy development, the scope of their own respective strategy efforts, and areas that need to be addressed from a strategy perspective, in addition to providing a place to obtain review and input to draft strategy documents.
  • Develop an enterprise that provides Consortium members over time with a basis for new partnerships and a vehicle to seek resources for new strategy efforts of mutual interest and priority.