About the Forum

Initiated in 2014, the Atlantic Council’s D-10 Strategy Forum brings together top policy planning officials and strategy experts from ten leading democracies at the forefront of building and maintaining the rules-based democratic order. Participants in this “Democracies 10” — Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus the European Union — have demonstrated a commitment to shared values and interests, and possess the requisite diplomatic, economic, and military resources to act on a global scale. Other democracies – including India, Indonesia, Poland, and Spain – have participated as observers on occasion.


D-10 meetings

D-10 Strategy Forum meetings are hosted by the foreign ministries of participating D-10 states. Previous meetings have taken place in:

Separately, the Atlantic Council convenes the D-10 Ambassadors Roundtable, which brings together Washington-based ambassadors for a regular series of consultations on global challenges.

Origins of the D-10

The “D-10” construct has its origins in a State Department policy planning staff initiative launched in 2008, which convened policy planning directors from US allies across the Atlantic and Pacific for a strategic dialogue on global challenges.  Subsequently, Atlantic Council Director for Democratic Order Ash Jain and former State Department policy planning director David Gordon suggested that the D-10 could serve as a standing platform for strategic collaboration that would allow the U.S. and its like-minded allies to advance common interests and shared values. The first D-10 Strategy Forum meeting was held in Ottawa in 2014.

Strategy papers

D-10 Strategy Forum

Mar 16, 2017

Strategy of “Constrainment”

By Ash Jain, Damon Wilson, Fen Hampson, et al

D-10 think tank experts outline a comprehensive strategy to counter Russia’s challenge to the rules-based democratic order.

Note:  The views expressed in the strategy papers reflect those solely of the co-authors, and are not intended to imply endorsement or approval by any other participants in the D-10 Strategy Forum.

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