About the Forum

Initiated in 2014, the Atlantic Council’s D-10 Strategy Forum brings together top policy planning officials and strategy experts from ten leading democracies at the forefront of building and maintaining the rules-based democratic order. Participants in this “Democracies 10” — Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States, plus the European Union — have demonstrated a commitment to shared values and interests, and possess the requisite diplomatic, economic, and military resources to act on a global scale. Other democracies – including India, Indonesia, Poland, and Spain – have participated as observers.


D-10 meetings

D-10 Strategy Forum meetings are hosted by the foreign ministries of participating D-10 states. Previous meetings have taken place in:

  • Virtual, 2020 (press release)
  • Berlin, 2019 (press release)
  • Seoul, 2018
  • London, 2017
  • Tokyo, September 2016
  • Brussels, January 2016
  • Rome, June 2015
  • Ottawa, July 2014

Separately, the Atlantic Council convenes the D-10 Ambassadors Roundtable, which brings together Washington-based ambassadors for a regular series of consultations on global challenges.

Origins of the D-10

The “D-10” construct has its origins in a State Department policy planning staff initiative launched in 2008, which convened policy planning directors from US allies across the Atlantic and Pacific for a strategic dialogue on global challenges.  Subsequently, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Ash Jain and former State Department policy planning director David Gordon suggested that the D-10 could serve as a standing platform for strategic collaboration that would allow the U.S. and its like-minded allies to advance common interests and shared values. The first D-10 Strategy Forum meeting was held in Ottawa in 2014. More recently, Mr. Jain and Matthew Kroenig, Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, proposed that the G7 should be expanded to include Australia, South Korea, and possibly India, serving as a D-10 steering committee of democracies to advance a rules-based order.

Strategy papers

D-10 Strategy Forum

Mar 16, 2017

Strategy of “Constrainment”

By Ash Jain, Damon Wilson, Fen Hampson, et al

D-10 think tank experts outline a comprehensive strategy to counter Russia’s challenge to the rules-based democratic order.

Note:  The views expressed in the strategy papers reflect those solely of the co-authors, and are not intended to imply endorsement or approval by any other participants in the D-10 Strategy Forum.

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