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Fri, Nov 6, 2020

Backing Batka: Russia’s strategic economic integration with Belarus

Online Event The current drama in Belarus is, above all, a popular political uprising—but it also has a significant economic cause. The struggling Belarusian economy is being propped up by Russian firms who back Alyaksandr Lukashenka, the illegitimate president who refuses to leave office.

9:00am Belarus Corruption Democratic Transitions Economic Sanctions

Fri, Sep 18, 2020

Belarus and democracy in Europe

Public Event The remarkable events in Belarus counter the recent authoritarian trends in Europe. The democratic impulse remains powerful, and the refusal of Belarusians to accept another fraudulent presidential election has initiated a standoff whose outcome is uncertain.

9:30am ONLINE EVENT Belarus Civil Society Democratic Transitions Eastern Europe

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Belarusian cellphones

Wed, Nov 18, 2020

Belarusian activist Telegram channels are losing their audience

Belarusian Telegram users are increasingly seeking independent news sources and engaging with the regime’s official channels.

Article by Nika Aleksejeva

Belarus Disinformation

Mon, Nov 16, 2020

Belarus dictator Lukashenka pins hopes on terror tactics

The pro-democracy uprising in Belarus passed the one hundred day mark in mid-November with protests refusing to cease despite a fresh escalation in state violence and record numbers of daily detentions.

UkraineAlert by Vladislav Davidzon

Belarus Democratic Transitions

Mon, Nov 9, 2020

Biden victory offers hope for Belarus democratic uprising

As the world prepares for a Joe Biden presidency, there are expectations in Belarus that the coming change in US leadership will mean greater American support for the country’s pro-democracy uprising.

UkraineAlert by Vladislav Davidzon

Belarus Democratic Transitions

Wed, Nov 4, 2020

Belarus’s nation-building journey is just beginning

The pro-democracy uprising in Belarus against the rule of dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka has been called a national awakening, but huge challenges lie ahead as the country's transformation continues.

UkraineAlert by Vladislav Davidzon

Belarus Democratic Transitions

Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Belarus uprising enters dangerous new phase

Events in Belarus continued to escalate this week as pro-democracy protesters attempted to initiate a nationwide general strike and the Lukashenka regime responded with a heavy-handed crackdown.

UkraineAlert by Doug Klain

Belarus Democratic Transitions

Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Lithuania’s new government: Women-led coalition wins confidence in difficult times

The new government will be particularly well positioned to lead Lithuania through the COVID-19 pandemic, achieve needed domestic reforms, and navigate the delicate situation in neighboring Belarus.

New Atlanticist by Agnia Grigas

Belarus Elections

Mon, Oct 26, 2020

Five big questions as America votes: Eurasia

Easy answers to the Eurasia region have long eluded both a Trump administration and Vice President Biden when he served in the Obama administration—will an electoral victory now give the next US president the momentum needed to manage these foreign policy challenges?

Elections 2020 by Eurasia Center

Belarus Conflict

Fri, Oct 23, 2020

Belarus anti-Lukashenka media falls into confirmation bias traps

Independent media outlets NEXTA Live and shared unverified information, including a video apparently recorded to undermine their credibility.

Article by Nika Aleksejeva

Belarus Disinformation
Belarus Police Brutality

Mon, Oct 19, 2020

Belarus Interior Ministry exaggerates protester violence to justify excessive force

Two months after the contested presidential election, law enforcement has returned to using disproportionate violence against protesters.

Article by Nika Aleksejeva

Belarus Disinformation
False Religious Conflict in Belarus

Thu, Oct 15, 2020

Kremlin creates illusion of a religious clash between Belarus Orthodox and Catholics

Open source evidence shows overall solidarity among religious groups in Belarus despite Kremlin attempt to foment conflict between Orthodox and Catholics.

Article by Nika Aleksejeva

Belarus Disinformation