Global Energy Agenda

Nov 30, 2023

To achieve carbon neutrality, countries must navigate geopolitics and energy together

By Shin Hosaka

Energy dynamics, replete with their occasional turbulence, hold sway over global geopolitics. As such, multilateralism will be a key driving force to encourage energy transitions toward net zero.

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New Atlanticist

Nov 22, 2023

China’s acoustic aggression against a US ally follows a pattern. Military talks won’t help.

By Markus Garlauskas and Philip Yu

On November 14, a Chinese warship used its active sonar to harass and injure two Australian Royal Navy divers with high-powered sound waves.

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Blog Post

Nov 20, 2023

State of the Order: Assessing September 2023

The State of the Order breaks down the month's most important events impacting the democratic world order.

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In the News

Nov 16, 2023

Soofer quoted in Politico discussing Chinese and US nuclear arsenals

By Atlantic Council

Rob Soofer speaks about the need to expand the US nuclear arsenal or make it more resilient to adversarial attacks.

Arms Control Indo-Pacific

New Atlanticist

Nov 15, 2023

Experts react: Are the US and South Korea following through on the Washington Declaration? 

By Atlantic Council experts

US and South Korean defense officials and military leaders just met in Seoul for two meetings that, while long-standing annual events, have taken on a new urgency following the April 2023 Washington Declaration.

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Nov 14, 2023

Hinata-Yamaguchi quoted in South China Morning Post on Japan-Russia relations

On November 13, IPSI nonresident senior fellow Ryo Hinata-Yamaguchi was quoted in South China Morning Post article on the end of a thirty-year-old nuclear decommissioning pact between Japan and Russia, suggesting that “the agreement in itself is less important” than the overall decline in relations. 

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Oct 26, 2023

Hinata-Yamaguchi quoted in South China Morning Post on Japan’s role in the Israel-Hamas conflict

On October 25, IPSI nonresident senior fellow Ryo Hinata-Yamaguchi was quoted in a South China Morning Post article on Japan’s possible role in defusing the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. Although Japan must be delicate with its public statements on the conflict due to its status as a US ally and its dependence on Middle Eastern […]

Crisis Management Indo-Pacific
Tsuruga Nuclear Power Plant in Japan


Oct 23, 2023

Atoms for Peace 2.0: The case for a stronger US-Japan nuclear power alliance

By Julia Nesheiwat and Shoichi Itoh

Against the backdrop of Russian and Chinese-induced geopolitical instability, Tokyo and Washington should redouble commitments to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

China Energy & Environment

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Oct 18, 2023

Hinata-Yamaguchi quoted in South China Morning Post on civilian evacuation from Israel

On October 17, IPSI nonresident senior fellow Ryo Hinata-Yamaguchi was quoted in the South China Morning Post on recent ROK-Japan cooperation to evacuate Japanese and South Korean civilians from Israel. Hinata-Yamaguchi told SCMP that their collaboration on this issue was a small but positive development: “What is really significant to me is that the two sides […]

Conflict Indo-Pacific

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Oct 4, 2023

Gilbert interviewed by RFA on possible Japan-North Korea talks

On October 3, Lauren Gilbert spoke with Radio Free Asia regarding recent talks about the potential for a summit between Japan and North Korea. She explained that the Japanese government is heavily invested in resolving the ongoing issue of Japanese nationals abducted by North Korea and that seeking out direct diplomatic engagement with Pyongyang may […]

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