• Putin’s Strategy

    President Putin is striking back and playing for keeps in Ukraine. After losing his lever of control over Ukraine when the pliant and dependent former President Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia, Putin is seeking to regain his leverage by dismembering Ukraine.
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  • Putin's Risk of Blowback From Ukraine

    US Should Stress to Russia the Costs it Will Pay at Home

    Russia's invasion of Crimea, and the Russian parliament’s authorization for President Vladimir Putin's to use military force throughout Ukraine, reflects Putin’s longstanding desire to reacquire territory lost through the collapse of the Soviet Union. This incursion violates a treaty Russia signed in 1994 with Ukraine, the United States and the United Kingdom in which Ukraine surrendered its nuclear weapons in return for a commitment by Moscow to accept and respect it territorial sovereignty.  

    A continued effort by Putin to seize at least part of Ukraine risks significant blowback beyond an international response that Moscow will hopefully come to regret. This blowback includes the following:

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  • Brattberg: Baltic States Worried by Crimea

    Brent Scowcroft Center Senior Fellow Erik Brattberg is quoted in the Atlantic on the Baltic states' fears raised by Russia's occupation of Crimea:

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  • Wilson: Putin "Testing the Waters"

    The Chicago Sun-Times quotes Atlantic Council executive VP Damon Wilson on how the White House can stem Russia's interference in Ukraine:

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  • Brzezinski: US Must Specify Sanctions on Russia Over Crimea

    US Debates ‘Business as Usual’ With Russia, Says Council's Damon Wilson

    As President Obama warned Russia that “there will be costs” if it pursues an invasion of the Ukrainian region of Crimea, policymakers in Washington are debating whether to sustain or suspend “business as usual” with the Russian government, the Atlantic Council’s Damon Wilson said. Senior Fellow Ian Brzezinski said the Obama administration is unlikely to deter Russian President Vladimir Putin from intervention in Ukraine unless it specifies concrete economic sanctions that it is ready to impose on Russia, along with opening NATO consultations on security help for Ukraine.

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  • Obama Warns Russia: "There Will Be Costs for Any Military Intervention in Ukraine"

    Here is the text of President Obama's statement today on developments in Crimea:

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  • Brzezinski Comments on Crimea Occupation

    Ian Brzezinski, senior fellow for the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, is quoted by CNBC on Russia's aggressive moves in Crimea:

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