The Atlantic Council is leading a new, long-term initiative on Iraq. The aim is to expand on the work of the former Task Force on the Future of Iraq, which was chaired by Ambassador Ryan Crocker and developed to identify ways to support the Iraqis in stabilizing their state, reconciling their warring communities, and building the basis for long-term stability in the country. The Atlantic Council Iraq Initiative conducts research, publishes expert analysis, engages in public commentary and private consultations and convenes events on the most significant challenges faced by Iraq beyond its military confrontation with ISIS. The Iraq Initiative seeks to look past the current, narrow security lens to examine Iraq’s potential to develop the drivers of any successful society: inclusive politics, economic development, and a vibrant civil society.

Project Leadership
Dr. Harith Hasan, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, Atlantic Council

alqarawee harithDr. Harith Hasan joined the Hariri Center in September 2017 to lead the Iraq Initiative. He is also a fellow at the Center of Religious Studies at the Central European University in Budapest. He holds a PhD in political science from Sant'Anna School for Advanced Studies in Italy, an MA in political communication from Leeds University, and an MA in political science from Baghdad University. He was formerly a lecturer and teaching assistant at Baghdad University, a fellow at Harvard University and Brandeis University. His research focuses on state-society relations, political transitions, and identity politics in Iraq and the Middle East. He has written extensively for various English and Arabic publications and journals and is currently writing a book on Shi’a Religious Authority and State in post-Saddam Iraq. He was a member of the Atlantic Council’s Future of Iraq Task Force and the CEU research team studying state, religion and disintegration in the Middle East.  

Advisory Council 

Project Director and Nonresident Senior Fellow Dr. Al-Qarawee will receive advice and counsel on the implementation of the Atlantic Council Iraq Initiative from an Advisory Council consisting of prominent Iraqis, Americans, and others who share in the Initiative’s objectives and who have demonstrated, over time, dedication to the cause of a peaceful, unified, and prosperous Iraq featuring inclusive politics, economic development, and a vibrant civil society. The Advisory Council will convene formally at least once annually in Washington, DC at the offices of the Atlantic Council. Less formally, its members will be available to Dr. Al-Qarawee and to the Atlantic Council for advice and assistance as needed.