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  • Quiz: Countdown to Brexit

    The United Kingdom has six  months left in the European Union. Do you know the difference between "hard" and "soft" Brexit? Whether you're Team Barnier or Team Raab, prove that you are the master of Brexit negotiations. Here are seven questions on Europe's messy divorce.

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  • Brexit Status Report: Breaking Up is Never Easy

    With less than six months to go before the United Kingdom exits the European Union (EU), it is still unclear how such an exit will occur. After a contentious meeting on September 21 in Salzburg, Austria, EU leaders and British Prime Minister Theresa May remain unable to reach a deal about the relationship the United Kingdom should keep with the bloc after Brexit.

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    Editor’s note: This short story describes a hypothetical future war in northern Europe between Russian and NATO forces using advanced technology.
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  • Putin Critic Litvinenko's Widow Says Russia Using Disinformation to Discredit Skripal Poisoning

    Russia is using the same disinformation playbook to sow doubt about the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter as it did in the case of Alexander Litvinenko’s death, Marina Litvinenko, the slain Russian intelligence officer’s widow, said at the Atlantic Council in Washington on September 11.

    Russian authorities are now “trying to use a case of Alexander Litvinenko to destroy the future case of Yulia and Sergei Skripal,” Marina Litvinenko said. Alexander Litvinenko died in London in November 2006 after being exposed to radioactive polonium-210, allegedly given to him in a cup of tea. Litvinenko had emigrated to the United Kingdom in 2000 after serving for almost two decades in Soviet intelligence and then eventually Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

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  • Galileo, Galileo: London is Losing the Fight Over a Satellite Navigation System All Over Again

    Campaigners in favor of Brexit made a famous claim in 2016 that leaving the European Union (EU) would allow the United Kingdom to pour its £350-million-a-week contribution to Brussels back into the nation’s National Health Service. Now the “remainers” have their own numbers to throw around: £3 billion may be necessary to keep the United Kingdom’s access to vital technology in space. The UK government confirmed on August 29 that it is exploring the possibility of creating its own satellite navigation system—which experts say could potentially cost several billion pounds—due to growing concerns that it will be locked out of the EU’s existing system, known as Galileo, once the United Kingdom leaves the bloc next year.

    Westminster’s concern stems from opposition in Brussels to allowing the United Kingdom to continue its participation in Galileo’s Public Regulated Service (PRS), which provides a separate satellite navigation service with higher security for government and military use. EU officials have said that without EU membership, it would be improper for the United Kingdom to have access to this system or for its businesses to participate in its construction and maintenance. A recent British government study warned that being locked out from Galileo could cost the country as much as £1 billion a day in economic activity, prompting the discussion of replacing the EU’s system with a fully-domestic one.

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  • Britain Will Remain A Global Power After Brexit, UK Defense Minister Says

    “Brexit is Britain’s moment to look up, be more ambitious, and redefine our place in the world,” United Kingdom Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson, said on August 7. Speaking at the Atlantic Council in Washington, Williamson sought to assure those “worrying about Brexit and what role Britain will play in the world,” that the United Kingdom will “remain a nation that champions those fundamental values of freedom, democracy, and tolerance.”

    Rebutting criticism that the United Kingdom’s pending withdrawal from the European Union would weaken Britain’s influence in the world, Williamson said “never underestimate my nation.”

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  • A ‘No Deal’ Brexit Re-Emerges

    As Europe closes down for its summer vacation, increasing concerns—or threats—are being voiced that the terms of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union (EU) next March will not be ready on time. The old ogre of a cataclysmic “no deal” Brexit that stalked the negotiations earlier in the talks is resurfacing in a wide range of forms.

    The obvious reason is that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has wasted such vast amounts of time arguing with itself for more than two years that it has found it impossible to stake out agreed and/or credible options for the future cross-channel relationship—and certainly not ones that the EU would easily consider adopting.

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  • Can NATO Allies Effectively Utilize Increases in Defense Spending?

    Decreases in NATO members’ defense budgets in the years before Vladimir Putin’s takeover of Crimea in 2014 created readiness problems in Europe just as they have in America,
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  • Trump on NATO Summit: 'Yes, There Was Fighting'

    [Excerpts from joint press conference by President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May, July 13, 2018]
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  • Trump in Three Acts

    What we learned from President Trump’s performance at the NATO Summit this week, the first scenes of a European three act play ending in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin on Monday, was that the American leader will go to great lengths to control the narrative.

    Right down to last-minute plot shifts.

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