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  • Britain Will Remain A Global Power After Brexit, UK Defense Minister Says

    “Brexit is Britain’s moment to look up, be more ambitious, and redefine our place in the world,” United Kingdom Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson, said on August 7. Speaking at the Atlantic Council in Washington, Williamson sought to assure those “worrying about Brexit and what role Britain will play in the world,” that the United Kingdom will “remain a nation that champions those fundamental values of freedom, democracy, and tolerance.”

    Rebutting criticism that the United Kingdom’s pending withdrawal from the European Union would weaken Britain’s influence in the world, Williamson said “never underestimate my nation.”

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  • A ‘No Deal’ Brexit Re-Emerges

    As Europe closes down for its summer vacation, increasing concerns—or threats—are being voiced that the terms of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union (EU) next March will not be ready on time. The old ogre of a cataclysmic “no deal” Brexit that stalked the negotiations earlier in the talks is resurfacing in a wide range of forms.

    The obvious reason is that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has wasted such vast amounts of time arguing with itself for more than two years that it has found it impossible to stake out agreed and/or credible options for the future cross-channel relationship—and certainly not ones that the EU would easily consider adopting.

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  • Can NATO Allies Effectively Utilize Increases in Defense Spending?

    Decreases in NATO members’ defense budgets in the years before Vladimir Putin’s takeover of Crimea in 2014 created readiness problems in Europe just as they have in America,
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  • Trump on NATO Summit: 'Yes, There Was Fighting'

    [Excerpts from joint press conference by President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May, July 13, 2018]
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  • Trump in Three Acts

    What we learned from President Trump’s performance at the NATO Summit this week, the first scenes of a European three act play ending in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin on Monday, was that the American leader will go to great lengths to control the narrative.

    Right down to last-minute plot shifts.

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  • Donald Trump and Theresa May: On the Issues

    Donald J. Trump and Theresa May attempted to paper over their differences—at least in public—at a joint press conference on July 13. This interaction followed a controversial interview Trump gave to the British tabloid The Sun in which  the US president criticized the British prime minister’s approach to Brexit.

    Here’s a look at where the two leaders came out on some key issues as they fielded questions from journalists at the prime minister’s country residence, Chequers.

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  • In the United Kingdom, Trump and May Put Up a United Front

    A day after a dramatic back and forth with NATO allies over defense spending in Brussels, US President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom has once again provided wild swings from apparent discord between the president and his allies, to firm commitments of unity and claims of success.

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  • A Waning US-UK 'Special Relationship'

    A week Theresa May was dreading got a whole lot worse on July 9. The British prime minister is set to host US President Donald J. Trump on July 13, while also trying to save her government from collapse.

    May’s recent troubles are due to the lasting divisions within her Conservative Party on the proper negotiating strategy to achieve the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU). After May’s office released a report arguing that London would recognize EU product standards to maintain a “combined customs area,” the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and the Secretary for Exiting the European Union, David Davis, resigned in protest. It now appears that May will have to fend off a serious challenge to her leadership, all while preparing for what is sure to be a controversial visit by the American president.

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  • Brexit: One Failed Plan, Two Resignations, and Plenty of Uncertainty

    The illusion that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government had come up with something resembling a workable Brexit plan after months of uncertainty over the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) lasted little more than two days.

    On July 6, it appeared May had won support of her cabinet for some much-needed clarity on the British government’s Brexit approach. For a moment, even the most ardent Brexiteers seemed to fall in line with her softer Brexit plan. 

    By July 9, that hint of clarity had been blown away by a rebellion within her cabinet.

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  • The Brexit Showdown

    British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government was engulfed in turmoil on July 9 as she lost two senior Cabinet members over her plans for a soft Brexit.

    Within a span of twenty-four hours, David Davis resigned as Brexit secretary and Boris Johnson as foreign secretary. If forty-eight members of Parliament write letters of no confidence, May will be forced to face a vote of no confidence.

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