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New Atlanticist

Oct 8, 2021

When Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa appeared at the Atlantic Council

Here's what she told the Council about the power of disinformation.

Civil Society Indo-Pacific

New Atlanticist

Oct 7, 2021

Time is running out for Abiy’s ‘new beginning’ in Ethiopia

By Cameron Hudson

Cheering crowds and soaring rhetoric cannot hide the fact that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s troubles run deeper than just one restive region.

Africa Conflict

New Atlanticist

Oct 7, 2021

Greece and France give European strategic autonomy a shot

By Katerina Sokou

A new defense pact between the two aims to address instability in the Mediterranean by tackling multiple challenges in the region.

France Greece

New Atlanticist

Oct 6, 2021

Trade could transform US-India ties

By Mark Linscott

Washington and New Delhi need a joint vision for a deeper, broader, and more integrated economic relationship.

Economy & Business India

New Atlanticist

Oct 5, 2021

How a misguided Vietnam analogy sealed the Afghanistan disaster

By Paul D. Miller

During Afghanistan, the Vietnam analogy said a lot about the state of mind of those using it—a state of mind that ultimately led policymakers to make decisions based on a faulty view of the war.

Afghanistan Conflict

New Atlanticist

Oct 5, 2021

Kishidanomics: Investing in Japan’s green, digital future

By Alexis Crow

Newly minted Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is hoping to kickstart a "virtuous cycle of growth" with public and private investment.

Digital Policy Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Oct 4, 2021

The Pandora Papers should reinvigorate Biden’s anti-corruption push

By Andrew R. Marshall

An anti-corruption campaign appeals to disparate domestic groups but also is bound up in many of the core objectives Biden has staked out for the United States in the world. 

Corruption Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Oct 1, 2021

How to ensure Afghanistan isn’t the graveyard of European defense

By Federica Fazio and Nicolas Adams

Stronger cooperation and interoperability can boost Europe's capacity to project hard power.

Afghanistan Defense Policy


Oct 1, 2021

Sudan’s failed coup shows why military reform is a must

By Cameron Hudson

Sudan’s civilian leaders are facing off with the country's powerful military.

Civil Society Democratic Transitions

New Atlanticist

Sep 30, 2021

Why the Quad summit was a strategic success

By Ash Jain

While its specific outcomes may have been relatively modest, the summit successfully laid the foundation to advance three strategic US goals: countering China, aligning India, and revitalizing alliances.

Australia India