Feb 11, 2014

IntelBrief: Guns for Ivory: Africa’s Latest Conflict Trend

By Vivian Breckenridge

Bottom Line Up FrontThe demand for illegal African ivory has boomed in recent years, driven by flourishing Asian markets and facilitated by global trafficking networks Increasingly, poaching funds the activities of terrorist organizations, rebel movements, and other armed groups throughout the continent The illicit ivory trade will continue to fuel instability until states—in cooperation with […]



Jan 23, 2014

IntelBrief: Somali Piracy Neutralized: West Africa Is Next

By J. Peter Pham

Bottom Line Up Front • The International Maritime Bureau reports that incidents of maritime piracy hit a six-year low in 2013, mainly because of a precipitous drop in attacks off the coast of Somalia• But piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is rapidly replacing the Somali threat. West African piracy accounted for 19 percent of worlwide attacks […]

North & West Africa Somalia


Jan 21, 2014

J. Peter Pham on Resolving the Western Sahara Conflict

By J. Peter Pham

Atlantic Council Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham contributed the concluding chapter to a just-released book on Perspectives on Western Sahara: Myths, Nationalisms, and Geopolitics. Pham wrote on “A Realistic Solution to the Western Sahara Conflict” for the volume edited by Anouar Boukhars, senior fellow in the Middle East Program at the Carnegie Endowment for […]

North Africa


Jan 14, 2014

Does Washington Have a Stake in the Sahel?

By John Campbell and J. Peter Pham

Long known as a region of weak, poorly governed, corrupt states, Africa’s Sahel is fast becoming more salient for the outside world. The challenges of radical Islam, narcotics trafficking and other criminal networks, and growing environmental stress are taxing the capacity of Sahelian governments. Many of these states have asked the United States and its […]


Jan 14, 2014

IntelBrief: Unmanned Peacekeeping: Are Drones The New Blue Helmets?

By Amy Calfas

Bottom Line Up Front • On December 2, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) announced it will deploy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), popularly known as “drones,” to monitor rebel groups along the Congolese-Rwandan border.

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Dec 17, 2013

Al-Shabaab’s Somali Safe Havens: A Springboard for Terror

The Africa Center’s Assistant Director Joshua Meservey argues in the Perspectives on Terrorism journal that Al-Shabaab’s September 2013 terror attack on the Westgate mall in Nairobi is not, as some have argued, a sign of the group’s desperation, but is instead evidence of its intact capabilities. Download the PDF

East Africa Somalia


Dec 11, 2013

IntelBrief: Mixing Oil and Water in Northern Kenya

By Adrienne Chuck

Bottom Line Up Front In the past 18 months, scientists and oil exploration companies have discovered an estimated 300 million barrels of crude oil and 250 billion cubic meters of water in the impoverished county of Turkana, in northwest Kenya

East Africa


Dec 4, 2013

EU-Turkish Energy Relations in the Context of EU Accession Negotiations: Focus on Natural Gas

By David Koranyi and Nicolò Sartori

The European Union (EU) and Turkey have been on a divergent path over the past five years, but energy security is one of those sectors where the two partners would clearly benefit from closer cooperation. This paper by Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center Deputy Director David Koranyi and Nicolò Sartori, researcher in the security and defence department at […]

Energy & Environment European Union


Dec 2, 2013

Bridging the Transatlantic Economy: TTIP in Historical Perspective

By Jordan Smith and Garrett Workman

Each year, the University of Virginia’s Miller Center hosts the Caplin Conference on the World Economy, which assembles scholars, experts, government officials, and leaders in business and finance to examine the impact of US economic policy at home and abroad. The 2013 Caplin Conference, held on December 2 at the National Press Club in Washington, […]

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Nov 26, 2013

India’s New African Horizons: An American Perspective

By J. Peter Pham

The forthcoming issue of Africa Review features an article by Atlantic Council Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham on “India’s New African Horizons: An American Perspective.” Download PDF

Africa India