Week of January 28, 2022

This week, the Transatlantic Security Initiative hosted an #ACFrontPage conversation with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on NATO’s response to Russia’s military buildup in and around Ukraine and renewed tensions in Europe. Also, catch the Eurasia Center’s event outlining likely scenarios for Russia’s new Ukraine invasion and the Europe Center’s event on how the new German government can push back against the growing Russian threat.

We are ready to step up our military presence in the Eastern part of the alliance to prevent any misunderstanding or room for miscalculation about NATO’s ability

Jens stoltenberg

The success of NATO—the strongest alliance in history—is that by standing together based on the principle; an attack on one ally will trigger the response of the whole alliance, one for all, all for one. We have been able to preserve peace.

Jens stoltenberg

There’s no doubt that the demands Moscow is making in this current crisis, call for removal of all NATO forces in the countries that joined NATO since the Cold War ended.

John Herbst

Ostpolitik: It helped ease Germany—the divided nation, Eastern and Western—to find a way to get along better and be represented jointly in the international arena.

sarah kirchberger

The Eurasia Center’s mission is to enhance transatlantic cooperation in promoting stability, democratic values and prosperity in Eurasia, from Eastern Europe and Turkey in the West to the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia in the East.

The Europe Center promotes leadership, strategies and analysis to ensure a strong, ambitious and forward-looking transatlantic relationship.