Week of April 29, 2022

Last week, the GeoEconomics Center and the Centre for Policy Studies jointly hosted the future of UK banking and finance conference to convene senior British, US, and European leaders to discuss policy proposals concerning UK capital markets, taxation, and competitiveness. Also, the Eurasia and Scowcroft Centers hosted an #ACFrontPage event featuring US Senators Ben Cardin and John Cornyn to explore the United States’ efforts to support Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Whatever we’re going to build here, it needs to be sustainable, and long term sustainable. I’m certainly not an advocate for a bonfire of the regulations

Richard Gnodde, Chief Executive Officer
Goldman Sachs International

We’ve got to provide the defense capacities to other countries in the region that are at risk… Ukraine is not the only objective of Putin, he would love to take back the republics of the former Soviet Union.

Ben Cardin, US Senator (D-MD)