How have tensions over the last few years shaped Europe’s view of the US-European relationship? In the midst of historic unity between Europe and the United States, uncertainty still remains a key worry across Europe about the future of transatlantic relations.

In the first episode of the re-launched #AtlanticDebrief series, acting director Jörn Fleck speaks to Liana Fix, programme director for international affairs at Körber-Stiftung, and Europe Center senior fellow Damir Marusic about Körber-Stiftung’s Policy Game and report Europe home alone.

How do European policymakers view any potential transatlantic divide? Can Europe do anything now to increase their ability to act? This Körber Policy Game brought together a group of participants from France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom to game out policy options for Europe in case of a shift in US domestic and foreign policy and a breakdown of the transatlantic relationship.

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