Transatlantic cooperation is at the core of the rules-based international order that has provided security and prosperity for over 780 million people in the United States and across Europe. With the international order increasingly challenged, cooperation is crucial across the entire policy spectrum that defines the transatlantic relationship.

To unpack these challenges and opportunities, the Atlantic Council Europe Center’s #AtlanticDebrief hosts interviews with leading experts, policymakers, and newsmakers from both sides of the Atlantic.

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#AtlanticDebrief Episodes

Atlantic Debrief

May 17, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What was the outcome of Xi’s visit to Europe? | A Debrief from Valbona Zeneli

Jörn Fleck sits down with Valbona Zeneli to discuss the significance and impact of Xi’s visit and implications for EU-China relations and transatlantic cooperation on China.

Central Europe China

Atlantic Debrief

May 1, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What lessons can the EU take from the US Green New Deal? | A Debrief from Professor Mark Z. Jacobson

Carol Schaeffer sits down with Mark Z. Jacobson about what challenges policymakers need to consider in developing renewable energy infrastructure.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

Atlantic Debrief

Mar 28, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What’s the outcome of the Portuguese election? | A Debrief from Nuno Rogeiro

Visiting Fellow Andrew Bernard sits down with Nuno Rogeiro, Senior Analyst at SIC TV and Sábado Magazine, to discuss the outcome of the Portuguese elections and the future of Portuguese foreign policy.

Elections Europe & Eurasia

Atlantic Debrief

Mar 7, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – Is Europe a factor in the US election? | A Debrief from Daniel Vajdich

Rachel Rizzo sits down with President of Yorktown Solutions and former Republican campaign advisor Dan Vajdich to discuss the US elections and politics and implications for the future of transatlantic relations.

Elections Europe & Eurasia

Atlantic Debrief

Feb 23, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What are the key trends in the European elections? | A Debrief from Fabian Zuleeg

Jörn Fleck sits down with Chief Executive of the European Policy Centre Fabian Zuleeg to discuss the upcoming European elections and implications for Europe and transatlantic relations.

European Union Politics & Diplomacy


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