Feb 14, 2022

Haring in The National Interest: The West is falling for Putin’s real play in Ukraine

Western governments should carefully calculate the second-order effects of information they publicly release with an eye to preventing panic.

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Jan 28, 2022

Haring in USA Today: Biden needs to get Ukraine right. America’s security depends on it.

Despite Vladimir Putin's troops at Ukraine's border, there’s still time. Russia doesn't have forces in place for a full-on invasion, yet.

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Oct 13, 2021

Massa on the Biden administration’s Nuclear Posture Review in the National Interest

By Atlantic Council

Forward Defense assistant director Mark J. Massa published an article in the National Interest arguing that the Biden administration should remain committed to current plans to modernize the United States' nuclear forces.

Arms Control China


Oct 1, 2021

Mulder, Starling, and Massa on the future of space strategy

By Atlantic Council

2020-21 Senior US Air Force Fellow Lt Col Christopher Mulder, Forward Defense Deputy Director Clementine Startling, and Assistant Director Mark J. Massa argue for the United States to develop a long-term strategy in space and highlight key recommendations from their space strategy paper.

Defense Policy Space


May 19, 2021

A Green chancellor (yes, a Green chancellor) will keep Germany and Europe safe

By Roderick Kefferpütz

Though they are a movement formed by peaceniks, the German Greens realize that the challenge of our time, besides climate change, is the systemic conflict between democracy and authoritarianism, writes a Green strategist.

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