On October 13, FD assistant director Mark J. Massa published an article in the National Interest arguing that the Biden administration should remain committed to current plans to modernize the United States’ nuclear forces. The article was solicited as part of a symposium organized by the National Interest responding to the question: Should Joe Biden seize the opportunity of his administration’s Nuclear Posture Review to redefine the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. security planning? How should U.S. policy change to address the proliferation threats that the United States is facing? Massa explained that nuclear modernization must be paired with engaging both China and Russia in strategic-stability and arms control talks in order to maintain the bipartisan consensus in US nuclear strategy and policy.

Across decades of U.S. presidential administrations of both parties, a consensus has emerged that a robust nuclear deterrent paired with arms control and risk-reduction measures is central to U.S. nuclear posture.

Mark J. Massa

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