Amid the enduring climate crisis and shifting geopolitics across South Asia, Scott Carney and Jason Miklian’s The Vortex: A True Story of History’s Deadliest Storm, an Unspeakable War, and Liberation comes at a critical moment. On the brink of a historical election in Pakistan, the November 1970 Great Bhola Cyclone landed to inflict significant damages and take the lives of 500,000 individuals, yet this was only the beginning. Soon, an amalgamation of factors—corruption, violence, and idealism, among others—sparked a chain reaction of turmoil, genocide, and war that influenced millions of Bangladeshis. What lessons can we learn from the Great Bhola Cyclone? How do global warming and geopolitical turmoil influence each other? 

For answers to these questions and more, please join the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center on Tuesday, April 26 at 10 AM ET for a conversation with authors Scott Carney and Dr Jason Miklian on their book, The Vortex: A True Story of History’s Deadliest Storm, an Unspeakable War, and Liberation, with nonresident senior fellow Dr Ali Riaz moderating the discussion. 


Scott Carney
Foxtopus, Inc.;
Author, anthropologist, investigative journalist

Jason Miklian
Senior Researcher, Centre for Development and Environment
University of Oslo

Moderated by

Ali Riaz
Nonresident Senior Fellow, South Asia Center
Atlantic Council

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