The countries of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine stand at a crossroads. Perched between Russia and the West, they have chosen a path of economic and political reform and closer relations with the West. They face substantial challenges dealing with the systemic legacy of the Soviet period as they pursue reform, while facing Kremlin interference in their affairs and occupation of their land.


Nov 21, 2018

Beyond borderlands: ensuring the sovereignty of all nations of Eastern Europe

By John E. Herbst

Territories between great powers—borderlands—have always been areas of strife. So it is with the countries caught between Russia and the West, those that were once part of the Soviet Union or firmly within its sphere of influence.

Recognizing the common nature of the challenges that they face, the Speakers of the parliaments of the three nations have established a joint forum to promote cooperation and to better explain to their citizens and their allies abroad how they are addressing these challenges.

At this public panel, speakers Irakli Kobakhidze of Georgia, Andrian Candu of Moldova, and Andriy Parubiy of Ukraine describe the outcome of their visit to Washington and their vision for the future of their countries. The discussion is introduced by Mr. Damon Wilson, executive vice president, Atlantic Council and moderated by Dr. Michael Carpenter, senior director, Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement; senior fellow, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council.

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